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End Game? Walker Doesn't Have One

Here's what happened:  Walker looked over to the legislature and noticed that both houses were heavily Republican and then looked at WEAC, AFSCME and the other public sector unions and his dim bulb lit up:  Let's kill those guys!

The problem, is that its not as easy as voting and signing something into law.  What Walker failed to grasp when he started on this foolish journey is that it would provoke the biggest strike in Wisconsin history and grind the state to a complete halt.

There is no end game where Walker can come out of this as a winner.  Not now.  He had the unions ready to make deep concessions and he would have come out budget contract talks smelling like a rose. Not now.

Now, the state will be shut down for a week or two, a beligerent Walker will finally cave, and the Unions will come out of this stronger than before.  



February 17, 2011 - 10:55am