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Either Brett Hulsey Has Serious Problems or Soglin Aide Grossly Abused Her Office

There is no question that Hulsey is an eccentric, often odd fellow that marches to the beat of a different drummer.   And he has a deliberate... slow... Oklahoman drawl and gap-toothed grin. For sure, he's different.

So, either Hulsey is guilty of being different and around children at the same time or he is guilty of something much, much more nefarious.  The challenge is sorting out the two-- especially in the hand-wringing capitol of the world, Madison, Wisconsin.

I think this past Fourth of July Hulsey went swimming, engaged in horseplay with children he didn't know in the water, and then took a few pictures of the lake.   Then, Paul Soglin's Aide, Sally Miley, came over and asked why he was taking pictures of her grandchildren and horseplaying with them.

The clear implication that Miley was making to Hulsey was that he was doing something very inappropriate with her grandchildren.  Given the current Jerry Sandusky climate and the already parinoid Madison culture, Hulsey quickly retreated and deleted the pictures.  (Hulsey also likely felt the need to invent a ridiculous story about why he was interacting with the children at all:  intervening in a "dangerous" splashing assault.  This, of course, has only made Hulsey less credible and made him more suspicious.)

Miley then felt strongly enough about the incident to call the police, tell the police (via her insider knowlege) that the Parks Department "...had received previous complaints from people regarding Brett Hulsey 'acting creepy' and taking pictures of children."

Based completely on Miley's highly-credible testimony the police gave Hulsey a ticket for disorderly conduct.  And if what Miley told them is true, Hulsey is lucky to have just get-off with a disorderly conduct ticket.  

But then, the plot thickened:  Madison Parks Director, Kevin Brisky, told that he didn't know what Miley was talking about and that he didn't have any records of past Hulsey misbehavior.  And a once loose-lipped Miley is refusing to comment on the situation.

Somebody is lying.  Did Miley lie to the police when she used her position as a city official to paint a picture of Hulsey as some sort of serial child predator?  Is Briski lying about what he knows about Hulsey? 

Right now, we are at a crossroads:  We have no evidence other than Miley's accusations, that Hulsey has ever done anything inappropriate with children.   Yet, Miley is a highly-credible person and we must take her accusation seriously.

Clearly, a third party needs to step in and do an independent investigation.  If Miley is telling the truth, Hulsey needs to go and get the help he needs.  If Miley isn't telling the truth, she needs to go, and Hulsey deserves a huge apology.




September 5, 2012 - 12:01pm