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Efficient cost-effective search for duplicates in Recall Walker Petitions

Finding duplicates in the Recall Walker and Kleefisch petitions could be done in a few weeks for about $150,000 plus computer time.

One efficient way to find duplicates is to enter addresses into a data base, either by scanning or by typing. Scanning of many different handwriting samples will require another level of proofreading to satisfy the critics. While a skilled typist proofreads even while typing.


I've done or managed this kind of work for over 30 years.

So what would it cost to type all those addresses? And how long would this take.

Let's say the goal is 600,000 (although a smaller number is statistically sufficient); something in excess of 540,000 verified unique addresses would be conclusive.

Expert typists can type 80 addresses per hour.

Dividing 600,000 by 80 give us the number of hours needed for typing. = 7500.

If you are paying these typists a wage commensurate with skills, pay them $20 per hour.


Multiply total hours by $20 to get cost of typing: 7500 * $20 = $150,000.


Divide hours needed (7500) by 40 (hours per week) = 187.5 weeks, one typist working at a time.

Or, hire multiple typists, say 50.

Divide the weeks one typist would take by the number of multiple typists = # weeks required for multiple typists. 187.5 / 50 = 3.75 weeks.


Change the parameters to speed up the project: More typists. Or a statistically sufficient sampling of randomly drawn names and addresses.

Bill Sell


January 15, 2012 - 12:07am