Today Ed Garvey called for Annette Ziegler to drop out of the race for Supreme Court Justice.

Ziegler should drop out of the race. This is serious business, folks.
And the Judicial Commission should immediately take action. The
credibility of the court is at stake.

I agree. There are so many potential conflicts of interest from which she did not recuse herself that it seems difficult to believe she can do anything but lose at this point. And if she doesn't lose, that's even more disheartening. Was this the sort of "experience" she was touting in the primary? The same sort of "experience" that Dick Cheney had at Halliburton before becoming Vice President.

Yet another reason to vote for Linda Clifford, whether Ziegler bows out or not.

And thanks to the One Wisconsin Now folks for their part in rooting out this sad situation.