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Duffy's DumbAxe

Sean Duffy ran his campaign using commercials claiming he had a lumberjack heritage and he was going to take an axe to Washington DC. What he didn't tell us was that Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid were on his axe-list. He voted for the Paul Ryan budget and now we are going to vote him out of the Wisconsin 7th Congressional District.

Sean has had so many blunders since he's taken office and that's even if you are not counting his votes.

Please watch the video we've made to see how we think he should make his next lumberjack commercials. Link to it as much as you can. We are aiming to get 5000 hits on this video so we can show up right next to Duffy's advertisements that he pays thousands of dollars for. Let's work on getting this Real Fake Repuglican out of office. -saw-



October 6, 2011 - 10:32pm