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Duffy Claims Impossibly High Mileage of 48,087 Miles in Only 18 Months on the Job

Last year, Sean Duffy famously complained that he "has had trouble making ends meet" on his meager $174,000 a year salary.  Now we find out how he has made ends meet:  fudging on his mileage report.

According to , Duffy has received $24,520 in his 18 short months in office for miles driven on his personal car for meeting with constituents and other official business. At 51 cents a mile, that comes out Duffy claiming to have driven 48,087 miles.

To put that in perspective, that is the equivelent of driving around the Earth-- twice-- and driving from Superior to Kenosha 117 times.

In 18 months.

According to the , Congress has been in session for 267 days in those 18 months, meaning that Duffy had 280 days that he could have been spent at home in Wisconsin.  For the sake of argument, let's assume that Duffy spent half of his days-off, out and about, meeting with constituents and logging miles. 

That would mean that on the 140 days he met with constituents, he averaged 344 miles on each of those days.  That comes out to about seven hours of drive time on each one of those days. 

While it imaginable that he had a few days like that, it is simply impossible to imagine a schedule where he spent 140 days driving seven hours a day.

For someone that ran on reducing waste, fraud and abuse in government, Duffy needs to explain to his constituents why his mileage report is so ridiculously high.

In the Real World, if any of us tried to submit a 25K mileage report to our boss, we'd get laughed out his or her office. 



July 16, 2012 - 12:18pm