McClatchy Newspapers’ Margaret Talev and Marisa Taylor break a story on Alberto Gonzales aide Matthew Friedrich.

“Friedrich agreed to find out whether Justice officials knew of ‘rampant’ voter fraud or 'lax' enforcement in parts of New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and report back,” to Karl Rove or Rove’s deputies, the McClatchy piece reads.

“But Friedrich declined to pursue a related matter from Wisconsin, he told congressional investigators, because an inquiry so close to an election could inappropriately sway voting results. Friedrich decided not to pass the matter on to the criminal division for investigation, even though (resigned Gonzales Chief of Staff Kyle) Sampson gave him a 30-page report prepared by (Wisconsin) Republican activists that made claims of voting fraud.”

The article also reads that, “The U.S. attorney in Wisconsin, Steve Biskupic, was targeted for removal but wasn't fired. Sampson told investigators that Biskupic may have been spared because Justice officials were wary of angering Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., then chairman of the judiciary panel.”