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Doe Documents Indicate "David Koch" Call Part of Case Against Walker

The heart of the case against Scott Walker is that he cooked-up a scheme to illegally use corporate dollars and unlimited contributions on his and other recall campaigns by slipping into the drivers seat of conservative nonprofits that are allowed to take corporate dollars and unlimited contributions. 

With Walker at the wheel, the conservative groups then starting running ads for Walker or his allies and against Walker's opponents.  The media has watered-down this criminal scheme with soft-pitch phrasing like "illegal coordination," but that's a little like calling a bank robber someone that "illegally coordinated" with a teller to take money out of the bank.  The central issue is that Walker used grossly illegal contributions to fund his campaign.

We can glean from the documents released yesterday that the prosecutors have a number of smoking guns of Walker illegally controlling the actions of these groups, including an email from Walker to Karl Rove telling him what to do.  We can also glean from the documents that the Walker camp is very worried about the phone call between Scott Walker and someone he believed to be David Koch.

On page 57 of the , there is a section of "facts" from the point of view of the Club for Growth.   The Club for Growth uses the facts section to put a spin on contentious facts of the case.  Curiously, this is what they say about about Walker's phone call with "David Koch":

Hmmm... Walker was "enticed" into a criminal conspiracy with someone he believed to be David Koch because "David Koch" asked "What do you need"?  And "publicity efforts"?  No, Walker specifically asked for "ads" in "swing areas" for Senators likely to be recalled. 

Clearly Walker was caught on tape illegally coordinating with "David Koch."  Listen for yourself:









June 20, 2014 - 11:05am