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Dis, dat and de udder ting

Too many short items to keep doing separate posts.  A few tidbits:

-- CREDO, the progressive phone company, has a petition in support of the Wisconsin 14, the Dem state senators exiled in Illinois.  At last count there were 78,000 signers.  You can be onehere.

-- The NY Times has been giving quite a bit of ink to Wisconsin, but its insight has been spotty at times. State Sen. Chris Larson was quoted in a Sunday story that seemed to boost Walker's national stature (who knew he had any?), but was identified as Scott Larson. They think everyone here is named Scott.

-- Paul Krugman's NY Times op ed is entitled, "Wisconsin Power Play," and he nails it.

-- Solidarity rallies are being planned across the country this week. Service Employees website has  the list.


February 21, 2011 - 2:02pm