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Dimitrijevic out of exec race; to focus on board role

will not run for Milwaukee County executive, but will focus on setting a progressive county agenda and helping elect progressive candidates to the county board, she said Wednesday.

An impressive young leader who's served seven years on the board and is still under 30, Dimitrijevic has made no secret of her desire to be board chairman; she ran unsuccessfully against Lee Holloway in 2008.

Her name is pronounced Dee-mee-tree-ev-ich.  Get used to it; she's going to be around and in the news for some time to come.

"While the County Executive will play a major role in the future of county government, it is the policy-makers on the Milwaukee County Board that will create a forward-thinking agenda, and my leadership will be beneficial in this role," she said.

She announced the formation of a new political action committee she has helped create. Called "Next Generation Milwaukee," it will "provide resources to leaders interested in serving on the County Board who are forward-thinking and dedicated to preserving the critical services Milwaukee County provides," she said.  It's no surprise she would be involved; she's been all about helping other young progressives get elected.

The PAC will be making endorsements and providing support to candidates for the two special elections to the Milwaukee County Board this spring as well as Milwaukee County Board races next year. This spring's elections are to fill seats vacated by Chris Larson and Beth Coggs, who resigned after being elected to the state legislature.

Meanwhile, State Sen. Jim Sullivan, who lost his seat in the November election, announced as expected that he will run for county exec, joining a field that includes Republican State Rep. Jeff Stone and philanthropist/community activist Chris Abele. UPDATE:

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December 29, 2010 - 9:10am