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Dept of GOP Consistency: RECALLS

The next time one of your conservative friends complains because Wisconsin Democrats might be so, er, bold as to join in an effort to recall Republican officeholders and the governor, maybe remind them of this:

Scott Walker is only governor right now because he ran in a recall election, becoming Milwaukee County executive.

Conservatives whine constantly that the Democratic 14 should simply come home and let the GOP do what it wants because, hey, the GOP won the elections fair and square and have all the power. Oh, really? Then why did Walker and Republicans in general get heavily involved in the Milwaukee County recalls that led to his election? Did they think the Democrats locally in power then were somehow illegitimate? Well, arguably, some (though not all of them) were, since they voted for a pension measure that lots of voters decided they did not like.

Now, when lots of voters decide, between elections, that they don't like Gov. Walker's approach and proposals, and when they decide to seek recalls, all we hear from the Republicans is: But, but, we won! You should let us do what we want!

Or not, since the recall process is enshrined in Wisconsin law precisely because voters sometimes have buyer's remorse, and politicians sometimes don't do a good enough job for the public to wait around two or four years to make things right.

What's sauce for the goose, guys.

By the way, if Walker's budget despair, I mean repair, bill goes through, I hope folks will note the following:

Unions will annually have to rejustify their existence through complex and expensive member elections, in which, by Walker's measure, they will have to obtain not just a majority of voters, but a majority of all potential voters, a much higher number.

Yet Walker just won the governorship last fall by getting a modest plurality of all voters. He won 52% of the vote in an election that drew only about half of all voters to the polls, meaning only about a quarter of all voters put him in office. Next time, let's see him get 51% of all voters, whether they actually turn out or not. What's sauce for the goose, once again.


March 8, 2011 - 2:35pm