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Democracy Weekend Update

We're looking forward to a great Democracy Weekend in the Chippewa Valley.  Saturday we will be holding FightingBobFest North in Chippewa Falls, a day of progrssive speeches, breakout sessions, music, food, and local beer. There've been some last-minute additions to the schedule of speakers including Mahlon Mitchell and Doug La Follette.  You can see the full schedule at the

Sunday is , also in Chippewa Falls. We've had a few revisions to the schedule for Netroots Wisconsin as well.   It's a great opportunity to participate in strategy sessions for sand mining, to talk over technology for progresse Internet use, to learn about environment issues and money and politics issues, and to see two great films - Koch Brothers Exposed and an exclusive up-north showing of . We're no longer selling tickets with food for the conference, but you can get the $10 special discounted ticket, and if you want food there's a full restaurant and bar in the conference center.  include Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, and Tom Stolp from Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.  It'll be an informative and entertaining day to take off from canvassing and recall madness.


May 16, 2012 - 11:47am