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The deception never stops

A new campaign web site has been created at  Despite the possible name confusion, Robert Burke is a (libertarian) candidate for governor in WIsconsin.  But the site is not Burke's.  It was created by the American Future Fund, and the whole appeal of the site is "Support Robert Burke and Get Blazed", referring to Robert Burke's support for the full legalization of marijuana. is a Koch-tied 501(c)4 group that supports conservative causes.  Why run ads supporting marijuana reform if you are a conservative organization? Because it is really not in support of marijuana, or Robert Burke, but an ugly attempt to draw liberal young voters away from Mary Burke. 

Robert Burke has denounced the ads on his Facebook page stating "The purpose of the ad is to draw young liberal voters from Mary Burke to vote for Robert Burke. While I endorse the full legalization of Cannabis I do not endorse in any way the message of this ad." Don't be fooled, this is just another conservative dirty trick ad campaign. 



November 2, 2014 - 1:42pm