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Darling fishing for recall 'fraud'; She wishes

Someone in State Sen. Alberta Darling's district reports receiving this automated call:

"This is a citizen action alert for voters in Wisconsin's Eighth Senate District represented by Alberta Darling. There have been numerous reports of fraudulent activity related to the collection of recall petitions against Senator Alberta Darling. Over the past 8 weeks, supporters of the Recall Alberta Darling Campaign have visited homes across the Eighth Senate District and intentionally misled the public by collecting signatures with a so-called petition. If you have been approached to sign a petition, and you believe you may have been misled, or you want to ensure your name is not included in the recall petition, please call (414) 897-1913. This call is paid for by Friends of Alberta Darling, Patty Reiman, Treasurer."

So-called petition?

Since organizers say they have collected 30,000 signatures -- about 10,000 more than the minimum --

Darling's going to have to come up with a lot of fraud fi she wants to stop a recall.

They have more signatures to spare than Justice David Prosser's vote margin, if you get my drift. Give it up, Alberta, and face the music. There's going to be a recall.


April 21, 2011 - 3:42pm