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Darling a disaster in Press Club appearance

This one doesn't even require editing.  From our friends at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin: 

Yesterday, Alberta Darling went before the Milwaukee Press Club and demonstrated why she has become the crown jewel in the grassroots efforts to stop the Scott Walker agenda in its track.

In Tuesday's Milwaukee Press Club Massacre, Walker's "Darling" alternately elided, dodged, self-pitied, obfuscated and, well, lied.

On the Paul Ryan plan to end Medicare, which she had previously embraced? "I don't know the details," she said, but in the same breath said she supports Paul Ryan and his "fiscal goals." Huh?

On her former position as a board member of Planned Parenthood, Darling claimed, in a moon-man moment if there every was one, that she had no idea what Planned Parenthood did and got off the board as soon as she found out. She was interested only in preventing teen pregnancy anyway, hey.

On her on-again, off-again, on-again support for paying corrupt Milwaukee cops accused of rape? She claimed she,well, she just changed her mind, and that's what people want anyway, isn't it? Elected officials who can change their mind. Yep.

But she wouldn't change her mind about the disastrous budget repair bill, oh, no, what she repeatedly referred to as, "The Tools." On that, she praised herself and compared herself to her immigrant grandmother, who was "very brave."

After shutting down several listening sessions, because of all the death threats she claimed she received, she claimed that she had, in fact, listened to the people of her District. By her version, the voices speaking to her were a "silent majority" that applauded her role in authoring Scott Walker's corrupt budget. If they were silent, it is not clear how she heard them. But hey, she was on a roll.

Embarrassingly, when she was asked what jobs, if any, "The Tools" had created, she was absolutely flummoxed, and referred the reporter back to his own newspaper's clip file. Oops.

She was unable to explain away how she squared claiming support for education with her massive cuts, including cuts to technical schools, and she falsely claimed that the budget had ADDED more money to overall Medicaid spending in Wisconsin. For good measure, she made the false claim that the budget created new "community programs' for felons being released from prison.

Time and again, she tried to insert these dirty, no-good outside groups that are pouring cash and volunteers into the District.

No, she wasn't talking about Club for Growth, or Americans for Prosperity, or Wisconsin Family Action, or any other number of right-wing front organizations that are flooding the box as she enters a free fall.

She repeatedly referred to the daily Charlie Sykes talking point: Citizen Action, which she was "very" concerned about, though she acknowledged that Sandy Pasch probably had nothing to do with any of the alleged wrongdoing which, for the lack of anything salient or better, will be her key talking point going into the election's final week.

In the end, Alberta Darling was totally unhinged, probably exhausted after months of carrying Scott Walker's water for him. It's not an easy task. That's why when she was asked how she was going to do next week Tuesday, Darling allowed a ray of sunshine into the muddle.

Was she going to win, despite her huge advantages and every poll which showed her starting with a huge lead? "I'm not sure, it's going to be about turnout," Darling allowed, at last.


August 3, 2011 - 4:41pm