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Dan Kapanke challenges recall filing

This afternoon, Sen. Dan Kapanke challenged the recall petition against him, and requested that the recall be voided.

Although his campaign is currently only challenging a comparatively small (913) number of the actual signatures, he is claiming that the recall itself did not follow the proper procedures, and that the signer of the intent to collect signatures was not the same person who registered the recall committee.

The challenge that Kapanke filed today is attached.  Further details, including the signatures themselves, can be found at the .

I find myself somewhat bewildered by this claim, since it would appear to me that most of the recalls currently underway would also be ineligible if this claim is correct.  My layman's reading of the recall rules would lead me to believe that this is grasping at straws.

State recall rules give the recall organizers five days to respond to Kapanke's challenge.


April 15, 2011 - 9:43pm