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CRG's anonymous vigilante campaign smears teachers; CRG members hide

The vigilantes calling themselves Citizens for Responsible Government have been identified as the culprits behind an anonymous smear sheet, distributed to Janesville newspaper subscribers on Sunday and made to appear it came with the paper, listing teachers who signed recall petitions against Scott Walker, along with the value of their salary and benefit packages.

Also included: A form for parents to send to the school district, asking that their children not be assigned to classes taught by any of those "radical" teachers.

This is straight out of the McCarthy era. What's next? Loyalty oaths to Scott Walker for teachers?

CRG, major allies of Scott Walker in Milwaukee County, have tried without much success to establish a statewide network. They intended this anti-teacher effort to be anonymous, but were which discovered that Orville Seymer, one of CRG's founders in Milwaukee, had requested the list of salaries from the school district.

Here's the best part of the story:

Seymer said he knew the names of local CRG participants but was asked not to release them.

"They want to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation," Seymer said.


May 22, 2012 - 11:40am