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The Concise GOP Ideological Guidebook -- Government regulation

[Following is an entry in the Concise Guidebook of Republican Ideology, whose purpose is to interpret GOP political rhetoric and policy positions in clear, simple English. Publication of these entries should never be construed as an endorsement of the policy's logic, reasoning, or lack thereof. Future installments will appear on an irregular basis. Feel free to submit your own entries. And remember: It's okay, if you're Republican.]

REGULATING BUSINESS AND LABOR  Corporations and other businesses need fewer government restrictions on the way they conduct themselves. But rank-and-file workers need many more such restrictions -- especially if they are organized into collective bargaining units that have a business-like structure. Because, while businesses create wealth, workers only consume wealth, do not make more of it, and, beyond their paltry salaries, do not hold any legitimate claim or interest on productive output, earnings and profits. If they want a little of that, let them buy stock. Only entrepreneurs create jobs and produce wealth, and they can't do so if workers have a fair say in the workplace. Shut up and get to work! Nevertheless, workers are doing a hell of a job, and Republicans respect and honor their efforts, especially in ilght of all the additional sacrifices they will need to make on behalf of our agenda.

Walker Corollary: Governments should be run like businesses, on up to spinning government agencies off into private "charter" authorities and hiring private consultants whenever we've laid off or chased away too many public workers. Uncivil service is better than civil service.


May 15, 2011 - 10:08am