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Christmas Time is Here By Golly!

As the holiday season is fully upon us, let me make you a deal.  You know you are going to buy some sort of present for someone on Amazon because, let's face it, you're every bit as lazy as am I.  So -- you have an opportunity to buy someone special something special, and to help out Uppity Wisconsin at the same time.  You may have noticed the We're collecting some Uppity Books and other Uppity Gifts, including electronics and computer stuff.  If you buy them through our Amazon Store, we get a tiny (itty bitty teeny) bit of money from the sale.  And from anything you buy on Amazon after visiting our store, so knock yourself out knowing that the elves up here on the farm will be able to afford to improve the site and make more blog posts.

Yes, I know a lot of you hate Amazon.  This is optional.  Just a little way for you to help us out in this holiday season.  Oh -- and Tom Lehrer wishes you a happy and commercial holiday as well.



December 6, 2012 - 11:22am