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Chris Larson vs. Paul Ryan in 2012?

Is Rep. Paul Ryan, the Janesville Republican, vulnerable? The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza explores that question in his blog, The Fix.

Interesting to note that he says some are encouraging State Sen. Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) (pictured) to run.

Larson's district overlaps a bit with Ryan's in Oak Creek and South Milwaukee, but he doesn't live in the 1st CD (although he wouldn't have to move to run.)

Here's what one Democratic blog says:

Blue America has been talking with a number of political leaders we think could beat Ryan. Our first choice is state Senator Chris Larson. The GOP is likely to try to gerrymander WI-1 to make it safer for Ryan, although it will be hard to do that without jeopardizing Wisconsin's senior Republican House member, Jim Sensenbrenner. Right now Ryan and Larson represent some of the same constituents, though not many. But Larson's effective high profile leadership in the battle against Walker's tyrannical approach has caught the attention of everyone in Wisconsin.

It is hard to sort out exactly what Blue America is, although it appears to be a political action committee run by three lefty blogs, and which encourages online donations to candidates it supports through ActBlue.

This is heady stuff for a young progressive like Larson, who just beat incumbent Jeff Plale in November in a Dem primary. (He's my senator.) But I'm hoping he resists the temptation to move too quickly, and takes some time to work as a progressive state senator, which is a challenging enough proposition these days in Wisconsin.

Larson's only 30, jumped to the State Senate after less than three years on the County Board, and is a bright young progressive star with a potentially bright future. A Congressional race might be tempting because it would be a free shot, with Larson in mid-term. But it would be a real distraction from his legislative job. Worse yet, it could make him appear to be so ambitious that he's always reaching for the next promotion. There's no rush, Chris.

And there's already a Democratic candidate in the race, Rob Zerban, a small business owner and Kenosha County Board member.

It's always flattering to be touted as a candidate for higher office, and it's fun to let it play out awhile. But here's hoping that's all that comes of this. We may someday see Chris Larson in higher office, if that's what he wants. But 2012 seems a little premature.

And that gratuitous advice, Chris, is worth exactly what you paid for it.


April 26, 2011 - 10:57am