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Check your masseuse's license

Dozens of Jim Doyle nominees for state boards and commissions, never confirmed by the State Senate, have been withdrawn to allow Gov. Scott Walker to name his own cronies, er, donors, or people.

A Walker aide promised quick action, which is crucial, WisPolitics -- or was it WisOnion? -- says:

That will be particularly important for the Massage Therapy and Bodywork Therapy Affiliated Credentialing Board, which lost all seven of its members after Walker withdrew their nominations.

How will we function in the meantime? 

Walker also said he will propose a new name for the Dept. of Regulation and Licensing.  No kidding.  Seriously.

We hear he's thinking about calling it the Dept. of Deregulation and Donor Rewards.



January 28, 2011 - 5:00pm