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Changes Afoot

You'll be noticing some small changes in the way Uppity Wisconsin looks over the next few weeks.  These are part of a new site redesign.  The upshot is that some time around New Years you'll be seeing a quite different (and I hope improved) front page on the site, and a number of new features that will be sneaking in through January. Some of my goals here are:

1.  Change from a format that very much resembles a blog to a format that looks  a little more like a newspaper (at least on the front page).

2.  Bring in more information from around the country and the Cheddarsphere (while still emphasizing our own content).

3.  Integrate in more social media tools

4.  Bring in content relating to bills and votes both in the U. S, congress and some more information on the state legislature - this will take a while.

5.  Make it easier for our bloggers to create content, and to do it in a more flexible way.

So - bear with us as things may be changing a little from time to time before the end of the year.  And I'm likely to completely break something from time to time in the process, so if we disappear from time to time, I promise we'll be coming back.


December 18, 2010 - 12:18pm