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CEO to file complaint against University of Wisconsin on diversity measures


It is not yet clear that CEO will actually file a lawsuit in Wisconsin - They will be outlining their complaint in today's 11 AM press conference.

Twitter was abuzz tonight with the news that conservative think tank will file a lawsuit against the University of Wisconsin, alleging that the diversity policies of the University result in admissions discrimination against white and Asian students.  Specifically they appear to be alleging that admissions to the University Law School are biased.  has a history of complaining about discrimination due to diversity at 60 or more colleges. The Center for Equal Opportunity has some Wisconsin ties, in that one of the major contributors to their support is the Bradley Foundation. The research papers they will be releasing today are

I have heard that there will be a press conference/protest at the Doubletree Hotel in Madison tomorrow at 11 AM.  There was an on-campus meeting to discuss the situation this evening, at which the Provost Williams affirmed "We're badgers, we're not having it, and we're speaking with one voice".

h/t to the Daily Cardinal staff and the world of Madison tweeps for what little information I've been able to glean on this.  More tomorrow.  You might want to follow the Twitter hashtag for breaking news.


September 12, 2011 - 10:31pm