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Central Wisconsin Stands Tall

protecting_saratoga_wisconsin.jpg Protecting Saratoga, Wisconsin

They're fighting for lives, and they will halt the operation of the proposed Wysocki CAFO.

Who are they? They are retired citizens, young families, multi-generational households in some four central Wisconsin counties who will not be driven out of their homes by Big Ag.

No ignores these people representing 10,000s.


Friends and Concerned Citizens,

We have been awaiting the release of the by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) for about a year, with the most recent delay it is still not clear when it will be released.  

We know the EIS will summarize the and we want to be prepared with responses for when it eventually is released by the WDNR.  

Responding will be a major challenge as we are allowed only 60 days to submit written documentation to dispute inaccuracies. For now, we are gong to start looking over the Wysocki EIR and highlighting areas of concerns and disputable points.

Please join us on Monday and join a committee to assist in the process of picking apart the Wysocki EIR. Numerous volunteers are needed as we move forward.

Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors


October 22, 2016 - 9:49am