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Breaking: Klauser asks Walker to drop out

We have obtained a draft of a letter expected to be delivered to Scott Walker on Tuesday, as soon as Big Jim Klauser (pictured) learns of the Walker television spot which begins to air on Tuesday.

Klauser made it clear that he will not support any candidate who attacks another Republican.

Here's the letter:

Dear Scott:

The last time I wrote you I stated it was time to coalesce around the Republican candidate best able to be elected governor in November 2010. While I appreciate you may have a different view, time has validated my judgment.

Earlier in 2009 when I considered your candidacy you told me that you would conduct a positive campaign with ideas that could address Wisconsin’s problems. You assured me that you would run a positive campaign; that you would adhere to Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment not to attack a fellow Republican.

Today I write to you as I am aghast at where your campaign has gone. You are violating the Reagan commandment.

Now I see you are running television commercials and sending direct mail to attack your primary opponent.

My dad always told me to sell myself; not to knock down the other fellow. I expect yours did as well. You’re not following that sage guidance.

I hope you stop; you are only helping the Democrats. It is time for you to leave the field before your integrity is permanently besmirched.

In any event I must ask you to return the contributions which Shirley and I have made to your campaign. You obtained them under the false pretense that you would run a positive campaign focusing on the liberal democrats. You haven’t done that.


James R. Klauser


September 6, 2010 - 6:06pm