As US Attorney Steven Biskupic and his defenders have insisted prosecutes Democrats and Republicans alike, some of us have asked just who those Republicans are.

He's prosecuted a number of high-profile Democratic officeholders and officials, including a State Senator, Milwaukee alderman, and a former Dem state chairman.  But I've been unable to recall a single Republican official he's gone after.

In a statement issued Saturday, Biskupic explains his definition of Republicans:

My numerous public corruption cases include prosecutions of Democrats and Republicans. Our records show that since 2002 when I became United States Attorney, I have brought at least 12 cases against individuals who donated money to Republican candidates or who were aligned with the Republican Party.

People who donated money to Republican candidates?

That defense is almost as thin as the evidence against Georgia Thompson.

No one has ever suggested that Biskupic gives a pass to every GOP donor. But he has launched any number of well-publicized investigations and prosecutions of prominent Democrats. Maybe, if he releases the list of the 12 Republican donors or people "aligned" with the GOP, we'll see if there are any names we recognize.

So far, his Republican targets have been a well-kept secret.

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