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The Big Lie About Teacher Salaries

Scott "all I'm asking for is modest benefit contributions" Walker promised that teachers would  see no change in their salaries: They would just be capped at cost of living increases.  Translation to most Wisconsinites: Pay freeze for teachers that are already getting paid enough, so big whoop-de-doo.

Then the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel came out with an article a few days ago saying that the cost of living increases in salaries would be limited to base salaries that don't include educational add-ons.  Translation to most Wisconsinites:  teachers won't get as much of a raise, but will still get a raise.  Big deal.

Scott Walker's absurd spin unfortunately was only reinforced by the Journal Sentinel article, which was then picked up by AP.  The vast majority of Wisconsinites are left with the horribly erroneous notion that Wisconsin teacher salaries will, at worst, remain stagnant.

This is the big lie.

Here the truth:

Even though Scott Walker promised to increase state aid to schools in the longterm and promised to keep "intact" state aid to schools in the short term, he has instead made the biggest cut to education in state history.

Coupled with these to-the-bone cuts in state aid to schools districts, he has prevented local school boards from making up for the cuts on the their end by enacting the property tax freeze.

Now comes word that Scott Walker-- via Act 10 and the rule to implement it-- that school boards must first remove "educational add-ons" from the pot of money they have for teacher salary contracts-- an estimated 30% cut. Yes, school boards can voluntarily restore that 30% they took out, but its doubtful that few, if any, school boards will have that money available given the two aformentioned items crunching their budgets. 

So, obviously, most school boards will do what Scott Walker wants them do:  Not layoff teachers and, instead, make up for the cuts in state aid through deep cuts in teacher salaries. That way, you see, Walker can continue to spin the "schools are the same or better" nonsense.

That's what's happening, but only a few Wisconsites know about it.  And if they don't find out before the recall, you can get count on calling Scott Walker "Governor" for another two years.



April 26, 2012 - 4:33pm