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The Best is not Good Enough: The Right Wing attack on Wisconsin's Pension

Preemptive Right Wing Blather

The network of right wing money (which just bought Wisconsin) and right wing think tanks (who are establishing a case against Wisconsin's Public Employees Pension System) are currently empowered by the Citizens United Decision to do whatever it takes to suck money away from workers into the pockets of the few plutocrats who own the Republicans and lease a majority of the Democrats.

Let's look at the Wisconsin Employee Trust Funds (the public employees pensions) as the current manifestation of plutocratic greed. Those of us who know about these things know that the Wisconsin ETF has a long history of being exemplary. Therefore, it was no surprise that the latest Pew Center for The States' study on public employee pensions rated the Wisconsin ETF as the best in the country. Not only is the pension 100% funded, but Wisconsin's retiree's health care is also a solid performer according the the pew study. In fact, Wisconsin is the only state to have both the pension and the retiree health care rated as solid performers. Good news tor Wisconsin, good news for Wisconsin's retirees, nearly 90% of whom stay in Wisconsin when they retire and pump the money back into the economy.

But wait. The plutocrats knew this was coming and they want to get their hands on the billions in the trust fund. There are large 401k management fees to be gained here. Also, the idea of a pension system that actually provides a life of dignity puts pressure on plutocrats to provide the same for the serfs they control. They know that divide and conquer works in Wisconsin and they have become masters at it. That's why Scott Walker and the other ALEC Republicans commissioned a study, due this month, to see how the Wisconsin ETF can be “improved”. With all of the real problems in Wisconsin it seems foolish to commission a study on how to improve what is already the best managed pension in the country. But when you are taking your orders from ALEC you don't have to think, you just have to obey.

Enter the Heritage Foundation, the right wing “tell you what to think” tank. A young kid who recently completed his Harvard PhD in public policy while doing a dissertation internship at the American Enterprise Institute (another right wing tank) was tasked with pre-empting this good news. So, two weeks ago Jason Richwine PhD completed a study for the Heritage Foundation titled “understanding Public Pension Costs: the Example of Wisconsin”. Imagine that, out of fifty states and the District of Columbia, the Heritage Foundation chose Wisconsin as an example. I first heard Richwine's conclusions on Milwaukee talk radio while getting my hair cut at the local barber shop. The divide and conquer strategy of the plutocrats was in full force. The combination of plutocratic money, morally corrupt think tanks and corporate media has created and sustained an attack on the middle class and poor that seems overwhelming at times.

It is important for those of us who are paying attention to continue and increase our vigilance as we await the results of the ALEC initiated study later this month.



June 25, 2012 - 4:30pm