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Bemis (Johnson's Mothership) Sent Jobs to China

Ron Johnson has such close ties to the Bemis corporation, that its difficult to untangle Johnson's PACUR from Bemis and its many subsidiaries.  In fact, if you look at a map, Johnson's PACUR in Oshkosh is literally surrounded by Bemis subsidiaries.   

The reason Johnson has such close ties to Bemis is simple:  Howard Curler was Ron Johnson's father-in-law and was also the billionaire titan of the plastics industry that ran the multinational Bemis corporation for many years.  Curler also set up his sons and son-in-laws in the plastics industry, including Johnson at PACUR, a company which has always sold most of its plastic products to Bemis subsidiaries, and son Jeff, who is currently CEO of Bemis.  In addition, Johnson and his wife inherited millions in Bemis stock, which they still hold, when Howard Curler past away.

Bemis has opened many plants overseas in recent years, including three in China.

One subsidiary of Bemis that Johnson's PACUR does a lot of business, is Perfecseal.  In Oshkosh, Perfecseal is a backyard neighbor to PACUR and is run by Johnson's brother-in-law, Robert Krostue.  In 2008, Perfecseal opened up a new plant in Suzhou, China

According to Perfecseal, Johnson's PACUR is a major supplier to Perfecseal.

This is of special note considering that one of Johnson's catch phrases is that "At PACUR we don't export jobs, we export plastic" and then immediately adds."In fact, one of the customers we export to is China."  

Once again, Johnson is technically correct, but he's leaving out one huge, material part of the story:  That the customer in China is Perfecseal, which was outsourced to China by his wife's family!

This is also explains why Johnson has been speaking so glowingly of the business climate in China-- he knows about it first hand!


September 7, 2010 - 9:57am