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Barrett's Web Site - Update

Update --- the domain has been renewed, and the site will be coming back as the DNS records wander across the Intertubes.

This is going to be an "I don't know why it's a news story, but it apparently is" post.  It appears that the domain name for Tom Barrett's web site expired this morning, and therefore his site is being displayed as a GoDaddy parked domain page.

I'm not going to go into the excitement of what happens when you let your domain expire, or the intricacies of DNS management.  Let's just say that the site either will or will not be visible to you depending on a lot of arcane timing possibilities.

The Barrett campaign is  working on getting the domain renewed.  They certainly know about it.  Charlie Sykes and his lot are somehow treating this like it's as big of a news story as VJ day.  Why it is the 2nd lead on the WTMJ web site at the moment is a mystery to me. The simple fact is that someone apparently made a mistake and let the domain name registry expire. And later today it'll come back.  Nothing to see here -- move along.


August 26, 2010 - 11:28am