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Ask businesses to keep your family safe from firearms violence by banning guns

You say you'd rather buy your groceries, or your coffee, or hardware, or whatever consumer goods at a place where the other customers aren't packing guns?

Starting Nov. 1, when Wisconsin's concealed carry law takes effect, you can do that --if your favorite businesses post signs announcing that guns are not welcome in their establishments. 

Many businesses are now considering what to do.  You can help them decide, by letting places you patronize know that you plan to spend your money where people are not armed.

The Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE) has produced a tool to help you get that message across, in a nice, polite way.

They've produced  cards, which you can   which say:


- Post a Sign to Keep Guns Out -


A new state law will force you to allow weapons unless you post a sign. But the people of our state do not want guns in stores, restaurants or any other public place.


I agree, and I’m asking you to support Wisconsin values and our safety by putting up signs prohibiting guns.


►By a huge 3 to 1 margin, state residents say they will feel less safe, not safer, in public places that allow guns.

►Guns in public places put us all at risk. Workers at businesses that allow guns are 5 to 7 times more likely to be murdered.

►Nationwide, 80% of businesses prohibit guns on the premises.


Thousands of Wisconsin residents have signed a pledge to support businesses that protect our safety by keeping guns out.


As soon as you have posted a sign, contact WAVE.

They’ll let every person who signed the pledge know that you are a SAFE WISCONSIN business.


We know you value our business.


Let us know you value our safety.

Let businesses know how you feel. And if you haven't already, you can to support businesses that protect your family's safety.

There is quite a bit of confusion about an immunity section in the new law, which is making it harder for businesses to decide what to do. If you get that objection, refer them to WAVE, where someone can explain it to them.


September 9, 2011 - 1:50pm