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Alternative press on MKE exec race

Two alternative publications have weighed in with some thoughts on the Milwaukee County executive's race, although neither story is online yet.

Chris Abele gets the nod from Vince Bushell, editor of Riverwest Currents, who writes, in an editorial headlines "Strategic voting":

"...[It seems strategic for the liberal elements in Milwaukee County to get behind a candidate close enough to the center to pick up votes from suburban Milwaukee County yet progressive enough and non-partisan enough to work for the long-term benefit of all citizens of Milwaukee County.

This candidate should also have the ability to run a campaign and maintain independence from monied interests.

This candidate should place high value on one of ouor most precious assets, our parks.

That candidate is Chris Abele.

He goes on to say he's worked with Abele and has confidence in him, thinks his values line up with most progressives, has the potential to win, and can be a shield against undue inluence from Scott Walker and the GOP machine.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Gazette has some nice things to say about Jim Sullivan's record on gay and lesbian issues --- and some bad things to say about Jeff Stone's record in the legislature on those issues.

"Jeff Stone is no moderate," an editorial says, citing his record against gay marriage, a 100% anti-abortion record, and an A from the NRA.  The front page story is even more direct, headlined, "Anti-gay state rep seeks top county job."

Here are links to the websites, where the latest issues will probably show up soon:   UPDATE: Here's Wis. Gazette article, by Cory Liebmann.

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January 27, 2011 - 5:44pm