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All I know is what I read in the papers

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports today that Gov. Scott Walker's "budget review" bill gave him the power to appoint 35 people in 15 state agencies to jobs that have been non-partisan civil service jobs.


The changes affecting 15 state agencies and offices are among the provisions of the law that drew less attention over the past month because of the epic fight over its provisions stripping public employee unions of most of their bargaining power.

That, apparently, is why we didn't read about it in the newspaper before the bill was rammed through.

Too bad there wasn't any early warning.

Well, there was this blog item back on Feb. 24:

It's gotten no attention because of the bigger issues involved, but Gov. Scott Walker's so-called budget repair bill, among other things, would take 35 civil service positions and turn them into political appointees.

It's widespread, including positions in 15 different state agencies where career public servants would be replaced by Walker's hand-picked loyalists.

Et cetera. But, hey, what reporter's gonna rely on a blogger for a news tip?


March 18, 2011 - 9:53am