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All I know is what I read in the papers

Walker, Barrett received out-of-state money in final push

Gov. Scott Walker brought in nearly three-quarters of his recall campaign money from out of state in recent weeks and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett brought in nearly half his donations from outside Wisconsin, new data shows.

In addition, both Barrett and Walker received major contributions from out-of-state groups such as unions and corporate political action committees, according to filings made with state elections officials. Barrett, who lost to Walker in both the 2010 race and the recall, raised $2.6 million for the period, spent $3.7 million and had $376,800 in cash left.

Walker raised and spent nearly $7 million in his final days fighting off the June 5 recall against him in an election that likely will double the previous state spending record. He raised 72% of the money from out-of-state contributors in the latest filing, according to a Journal Sentinel analysis. He took in $37.3 million overall, with 62% of that from out of state.

Barrett raised 48% of his money in the latest filing period from out of state. He brought in $6.6 million overall, with 35% coming from out of state.

What we didn't read:

Nowhere does the story make the  comparison that would put this into some perspective.

If you do the math -- the newspaper doesn't -- you'll find that overall, Barrett raised $2.3 million from out of state (35% of $6.6M).  Walker raised 10 times as much , $23 milion, from out of state (62% of $37.3M).

Yet the headline and lede suggest they both received massive amounts.



July 7, 2012 - 12:55pm