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All I know is what I read in the papers

Headline: Former Walker aide Archer says she has done nothing wrong

A former top aide to Gov. Scott Walker said in a sharply worded email Thursday that "I have done absolutely nothing wrong" in connection with an FBI raid of her Madison home. --

So what makes Cindy Archer a "former" top aide to Walker?  She is still on the state payroll, albeit it in a slight less visible job which pays somewhat less than deputy of DOA.

There's no "former" about it.  She is still a key player in Walker's administration.  Wallker does not deserve a pass. 

UPDATE:  It turns out that all Walker knows is what he reads in the papers, too, he says:

Obviously, we'll be paying attention if anything more comes up, but what I know personally right now is what I've seen and read published in papers or on media reports. - Gov. Scott Walker, asked about his knowledge surrounding a search of the home of his former aide.

If he doesn't know any more, it's because he doesn't want to know and is being careful not to ask any questions.



September 16, 2011 - 2:01pm