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All I know is what I read in the papers

Some big news in Sunday's Journal Sentinel:

Democratic candidates in Wisconsin have quit campaigning for office, apparently because August is too humid or something.

Scott Walker and Mark Neumann are campaigning and so is Ron Johnson.   Apparently their opponents are too lazy or have just given up.

Johnson, by  the way, is still telling the story about his daughter's health problem, and the newspaper is still reprinting it, even though it has nothing at all to do with the health care reform bill passed this year.

POSTSCRIPT:  Almost forgot.  Look for some political commercials and issue papers from candidates promising to stop the 'brain drain" from Wisconsin, now that a right-wing group has done a poll showing people think that's a problem.  What would be more useful would be a study to find out whether it really is a problem, like the study awhile back that showed the story about retirees leaving Wisconsin because of high taxes wasn't true.  But it's campaign season, so perceptions outweigh facts every time.



August 29, 2010 - 1:20pm