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Al Jazeera special on the Penokee mine this Saturday

The award-winning Al Jazeera show Fault Lines will be running a special on the Penokee mine this Saturday, June 14 at 6 PM Central time. The show will cover the mine, the controversy over it, legislation on mining in the state, and the various continuing battles over the mine. Some of our parallel conservative commentators in the state have bemoaned the special, calling it necessarily biased and one-sided because it is being presented by Al Jazeera.  I have actually seen the documentary in a rough form, and although I would say it certainly may show a bias against the mine, that is primarily because the mine is a terrible idea. The documentary also covers the encampment at the GTAC site, and the viewpoints of GTAC and the Republican legislators in the state.  It's not necessarily sympathetic to those viewpoints but it does present them.

For those of you who have been following this saga, it will not present any shocking new viewpoints.  It is, however, a great resource for your friends and neighbors who may not know a lot about the mining project, GTAC, or the reasons the mine has been controversial.  Highly recommended, although many of you throughout the state do not receive Al Jazeera America on you cable- you may eventuallly also be able to watch it on-line at .



June 12, 2014 - 10:23pm