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ACLU loses court fight over voter ID's

Judge Lynn Adelman today ruled against the ACLU in the lawsuit they had brought to allow a wider range of ID's to be used for voting in Wisconsin.

The ACLU had wanted technical college IDs, out-of-state driver licenses and veterans photo IDs to be ruled as acceptable forms of ID for voting purposes. Judge Adelman refused this request on various grounds - stating that the out of state plaintiffs all had passports, there's been no firm ruling on whether tech school ID's are acceptable, and that the plaintiffs with military ID's had all obtained other forms of identification. In essence, he ruled that the particular plaintiffs in the suit did not have standing because they had other means of voting - this does not help the people who either have not figured out how to obtain ID or who cannot manage it for one reason or another.

You may remember that Judge Adelman had previously been the judge who, in the same US District Court, had ruled the Voter ID law unconstitutional last year. This of course has since been overturned.

It's going to be painful to watch the 2016 election if the list of acceptable ID's is small, the law will (almost certainly) be enforced, and the state Republicans have their way with doing away with the Government Accountability Board and replacing it with two new bodies in the short period of time before the election.


October 19, 2015 - 3:49pm