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'Accountant' and 'CEO' Ron Johnson: "I Am Not A Really Involved Investor"

Every hour seems to bring new revelations about the empty whiteboard of a man who lies behind the carefully of "Ron Johnson" that has saturated millions of dollars worth of airwaves in Wisconsin, as reporters like of the Northwestern, of the Journal Sentinel, and of the AP finally start asking a few basic questions that Johnson and his campaign find themselves either tripping over, or unwilling to answer at all:

- The businessman running on his experience creating jobs now admits he .

- The arch enemy of government health care now admits to the AP that he has enrolled in the state-run BadgerCare.

- And the supposedly self-made CEO and accountant who touts his experience for his plastics company now claims he doesn't :

Johnson told the Journal Sentinel that his stock holdings reported in the Senate disclosure form were in mutual funds where “somebody else is picking the stocks.”

According to his disclosure form, 79 of his 153 stocks are classified as foreign.

Added Johnson: “I am not what you would call a really involved investor... I wish I was a savvier investor. It’s nothing that is really particularly interesting to me.”

What else will we learn about this empty whiteboard of a man in the final 12 days of this campaign?


October 21, 2010 - 8:12am