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About that straw poll for LtGov ...

This is not to rub salt in Henry Sanders's wounds. He's a good guy who worked very hard in his campaign for lieutenant governor. But he came in dead last in a four-way race, with 9% of the vote, despite trying to run a statewide grassroots campaign.

A straw poll at the state Democratic convention, which Sanders won, contributed to the delusion that he was winning, despite to remind folks it meant nothing.

Poll: Sanders Way Ahead in Dems Lt. Gov. Race

WisPolitics.Com polled the 1,300 delegates and guests at the state Democratic Convention this past weekend. Almost half responded. And 326 chose Sanders, a businessman from Madison. Assembly Majority Leader Tom Nelson was a distant second with 167 votes. Senate Democrat Spencer Coggs got 43. And former Lodi alderman James Schneider had 11 votes.

There's some great back and forth about the straw poll in the comments on , where Zach Wisniewski says he'll bet me Sanders will win. Too bad we never nailed down an amount.

And I must apologize to James Schneider, the guy who lives near the Bat Cave in Gotham, for He came in third.


September 18, 2010 - 12:09pm