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About All Those New Jobs in Wisconsin . . .

The Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development , the largest monthly net gain since 2003.

Gov. Walker and the Republicans are, of course, taking all the credit.

We need to keep in mind that these figures are "preliminary estimates." We also need to be aware of the fine print, the one labeled "Cautionary Note to Users" which says that a change in "methodological procedures" results in "larger month-to-month employment change."

Assuming that the jobs numbers are fairly accurate, more than half of the new jobs are in the generally low-paying "service providing" sector:  retail trade-- 3,100 and "accommodation and food services"--4,800 for a total of  7,900 "jobs."

Some of the retail jobs may be small business start-ups, but Walker can't take much credit for such local initiative.

Also, the relatively well-paying, unionized public sector-- state and local-- lost a combined 3,400 jobs over the same period.

Not all jobs are created equal.

How many small farms and farmers have we lost this year?( ,  "As of the end of June, Wisconsin had 12,092 dairy farms, 631 less than a year ago. Wisconsin is on pace to lose 678 dairy farms during 2011.")

Investing in trains, clean energy, inner cities, small farms and public servants would seem to be a better way to achieve a more general prosperity.

Perhaps Walmart is hiring.


July 21, 2011 - 3:39pm