The first Beatle to die tragically young once said, "life is
what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Life is also
what happens when we're not blogging. In the better late than never
category, life has finally gotten out of the way to allow this week's
50 State Blog Roundup to emerge.

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West Virginia
Democratic challenger John Unger
is finishing out the quarter strong with multi-fundraising events in
his bid to unseat vulnerable Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito


The Democratic Caucus in the Texas Legislature gained a seat this week
without a vote being cast. Texas Kaos extends a warm welcome, and a
small piece of advice to Texas State Representative Kirk England (D). Even in Texas, some Republicans are waking up and smelling the coffee this election cycle.

Senate candidate Steve Novick took a strong progressive stand on impeachment this week, calling for the process to begin on Bush, Cheney, AND Sec'y of State Condi Rice.

Okie righteous rant to power.

Happy Birthday Progress Ohio

North Dakota
North Dakota legislator gets caught allowing a trade group to write his speeches for him.

North Carolina
PPP Survey: Dole vs Grier Martin, how 'bout Dean Smith?

Republicans are quite capable of voting for something before they vote against it, as Sen. John Ensign proved this week.

Kerrey may not be our guy after all.

Mitch breaks up with Fletcher, tries to woo me instead Mitch breaks up with Fletcher, tries to woo me instead Mitch breaks up with Fletcher, tries to woo me instead

If no one else wants to talk about it Vermonter will.

Check out the Utah blog roundup.

Someone with a conscience. Start the ball rolling.

New Mexico
The three New Mexico Republicans in Congress managed to all make CREW's list of the most corrupt members of Congress. Showing, once again, the Republican Party is the party of corruption.

New Jersey
Blue Jersey reports that the triple-murder in Newark last month may have been a hate crime based on the students' sexual orientation. The city, police and media have been completely silent. Is Newark another Laramie in 2007?

New Jersey
Americans United For Change video.

New Hampshire
Technology works to get out the vote.

After raising the minimum wage last year,
Montana's economy has grown, not shrunk. Experiences in the Big Sky
state and elsewhere prove that the minimum wage is good for workers and
the economy.

Jim Ramstad's retirement sets off a firestorm of activity in Minnesota's Third congressional district. What does it mean for both parties?

Have you seen this pig in your community? Usually attached to anti-tax nuts.

Wingnut says Thompson not his personal savior.

No, seriously

It was all gay marriage, all the time at Free State Politics this week, including this analysis of the recent court ruling upholding the state's ban on the practice.

Will Collins Self-Term-inate?

Iowa's new Republican Senate Leader admits to having no interest in governing.

This first poll of the 2008 gubernatorial race is out, and Blue Indiana has some thoughts on what all those numbers mean.

Weller WILL retire

The Christian Alliance Hates Poor Kids

Florida Political News for 9/19/07

Biden? Who's Biden?

Sucking Up American Soldiers

GOP Leadership To Shays: Stop Talking

CT end of quarter blograiser and pub quiz

Young Republicans in CO still trying to tongue kiss a military man in uniform.

Senator Wayne Allard: still dumb as ever.

Gilpin county sherrif sets up roadside DUI "surveys"

Denver The Decider

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Abraham Lincoln: Lincoln is a great civil rights hero, Arnold not so much.

Do you have cognitive dissonance when reading your local opinion page? A Media Matters report is the subject of On Media Bias and Right-Wing Gooberheads, Or, Why You Feel Like You're just Muttering to Yourself by herding old cats.

Madison County GOP moves to stifle dissenters