This week's roundup is brought to you by Clem Guttata of West Virginia Blue with a major assist from Mike Paulle. Thank you Mike!


Edwards buys rebuttal time. Arizona

Culture of corruption? Illinois

Diarist yinn digs deep, going where Bush war enablers Mark Kirk and Judy Biggert are RINOs.


Opposing the dirty tricks campaign. | Governator kills Iraq vote. | Chemical Manufacturers were able to buy enough votes to hold off some end-of-session legislation, with some Democrats voting the wrong way in the Senate Colorado

Colorado has turned Blue. | The Colorado Green party is being dishonest in its tactics against Congressman Mark Udall | Read Colorado cheers and jeers Connecticut

Lamont Wins!Oh my. Delaware

Would Biden plan work? Georgia

Georgia is a Red State and thus supports Bush and the Iraq War, right? Tondee's Tavern's look at a recent poll might surprise you. Idaho

Craig seal of approval. Iowa

Will Iowa Clinton backers caucus? Kentucky

Petraeus: Saint or Suck-Up Louisiana

Vitter the stud. Maine

Bob Kerrey is back in action. Maryland

Free State Politics took note of the recent outbreak of hate crimes in Maryland. Scary stuff. Massachusetts

Defeating Boehner would be a small price to pay. Montana

Hsu contribution tests Tester. Michigan

Pistol-packing teachers in Michigan classrooms? Thank you, House Republicans. Minnesota

Norm Coleman's lead in his 2008 Senate race is shrinking rapidly. Nebraska

Hagel's friends. Nebraska

Hagel's forecast. Why he has such good friends. Nevada

Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Robert Daskas has filed papers with the FEC
to challenge Congressman Jon Porter (R, NV-03). His campaign will be
managed by Tessa Hafen's campaign manager. Hafen lost narrowly last
year. This is one of the top pick-up opportunities in the West. New Mexico

Kos says we still suck. ActBlue, too? New York

Very naughty bad, bad liberals. North Carolina

Peacenik Liddy Dole? Oklahoma

Sooner spirit. Pennsylvania

Smoke, fire? and comments. Rhode Island

The RI legislature will be returning to override vetoes of bills to end mandatory minimums, domestic partner benefits & youth voter pre-registration Texas

If any citizen journalist needs inspiration to keep going, point them
to Texas Kaos, where TXSharon shares how one of the largest dailies in
the state, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Edits LTE to match (their) bias. Texas

2008? Texas candidates are already getting their ducks in a row for 2010 Utah

Ralph Becker's mayoral campaign hitting its stride. Virginia

Netroots for Virginia. Wisconsin

Biskupic happy to testify in the Georgia Thompson case. South Dakota

There's bi-partisan agreement on the 2008 SD-Sen race. New Hampshire

Continuing to leverage their access to Dem. Presidential candidates, this week's policy poll is on China. Indiana

Republican robo callers may yet be brought to justice. New Jersey

Here's good news for reproductive freedoms in New Jersey. It's also good news for science-based court decisions.

The details are sickening. A judge has to ask what's wrong with the Republican party in Michigan?" Mississippi

Racism takes many forms. Brown is the new black. Missouri

Governor Matt Blunt's Chief of Staff caught in a lie. Vermont

A Yankee state blog takes a crack at understanding the Southern voter psyche.

A thought-provoking alternative history: what if Timothy McVeigh had never been caught? Tennessee

A thought for the Jewish New Year 5768 Oregon

Anti-gay activist David Crowe makes bizarre and disgusting 9/11 comparison.

Chet unloads a wagon of snark. Illinois

IL-03 has a Bush-Dog Democrat. Missouri

Clark says Skelton Gets It Right, McCaskill Gets It Wrong. New York

Nancy Scola asks What If You Leaked 30,000,000 Gallons of Oil and No One Really Cared All That Much?" Washington

Drug court graduates largest class ever. West Virginia

For anyone new to W.Va. politics, you might be surprised to learn how the political families of Dem. Gov. Joe Manchin and Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (WV-02) are related.