As you may know, Uppity Wisconsin is part of the 50 State Blog Network. Recently some of the member sites have started a project to build a weekly blog roundup of news from the members of the Network. I've been a little tardy in posting this, but we'll be putting up the roundup every week from now on.


A couple weeks ago, Clem at West Virginia Blue went through all the
state blogs on the BlogPAC list and highlighted a long list of posts
from around the states. A few of us said, hey, great idea, keep it up
and so here you go - the stories that caught my eye from around the
stateblogosphere. I tried to flag posts that were mostly original
content, locally focused and not previously cross-posted out the wazoo.

A little chatter about possible
Dem challengers
for Hasert's seat.

BlueNewHampshire gets a close up look at Senate
Candidate Katrina Swett

While you were out
With Dennis Kucinich out looking for a promotion, Dean DePiero
is thinking about representing OH-10

Providence District Race

RaisingKaine covers what they feel is an important, but largely ignored

Tondee's pours a tall cool glass of Senate 2008 - Candidate Round Up

BlueGrassRoots has a poll that makes them happy on the KY-Gov race

One step forward, one step back
Caltics has thumbs up for new SOS Debra
reviewing e-voting systems, and thumbs down for new AG Jerry Brown

not pressing charges on a GOP candidate mailing intimidating letters to
Latino voters.

Disenfranchising black voters in
Tondee's Tavern is as shocked as the rest of us at Chatham County's
plan to shut
down polling locations
in predominantly black neighborhoods.

Texas GOP suppressing the vote?
Democratic party chair (in our hearts) Glen Maxey has the lowdown
on this week's episode of 'As the Stomach Turns' in which the Lt Gov
takes advantage of a sick Senator's absence to resurrect a dead Voter
ID bill, almost succeeds by not recording the vote of the Dean of the
Senate, threatens the Dean from the Chair, sends around a letter
on his letterhead calling the Dean unpatriotic, then denies knowledge
of the letter, all while the long term political strategist for the
Texas GOP is telling anyone who will listen that this is straight out
voter suppression for political gain.

Don't Sponsor Hate Radio
notes that a local campaign is having some success persuading
businesses to keep their ads off of Colorado hate radio.
is doing the same on behalf of their local gasbag.
has an idiot in their sights, but hasn't started firing
the weapons of commerce yet (hint hint)

(Editor's Note - Didn't need to fire the weapons - Taking out the pen was apparently enough)

Budget is the only thing in between Maryland and a paper trail
Freestatepolitics is happy that Gov O'Malley signed the voter
verified paper record bill
into law but reminds us that the battle
isn't over until funds are in the 2009 budget, so keep the heat on.

Happy anniversary
BlueMassGroup notes that three years ago, a lot of same sex couples made it
When I last checked, the world had not come to an end. A constitutional
amendment to ban people's happiness is still on the table, so write
some letters.

NC GOP try end run on marriage

get on the phone to your rep

Dreaming of a Wide Catfish
Left In
chronicles local pols response to a banned antibiotic
showing up in imported catfish.

Water Bill
The DailyKingfish has a couple stories about the Water
Resources Act of 2007
, as 25% of the projects in the bill will
affect Louisiana.

Leaving MI children behind
MichiganLiberal highlights various GOP senators who are failing
to prevent school funding from being slashed.

Profanity OK, Bipartisan Budget Not OK
Left in the West notes that Mike Lange's profanity laced rant (as seen
on YouTube) was not the reason he got the ax as Montana House Majority
leader. He apparently had exhibited
signs of moderation
in budget negotiations.

MyLeftNutmeg has started a weekly Progressive
Hero Award
and Rep. Mike Lawlor gets the first such honor.

Listen up
West Virginia Blue highlights a local connection in Melinda Henneberger's "If They Only Listened to Us: What Women Voters Want Politicians to Hear"

What's Our $%&* Problem?
FlaPolitics kicks it over to the Florida Progressive Coalition where
the question is "What's wrong
with the Florida Progressive Blogosphere?

Anti-Mormonism in Idaho
Not on the blogroll, but I found the mix of history, politics and
speculation in this NewWest
guest opinion
to be interesting.

Surreal in Missouri
Fired Up! Missouri urges
its readers
to view a Fox News segment beating up on the GOP
politicians waste of taxpayer dollars on a voter ID program that was
expensive, unconstitutional AND incompetently run.

Rob Andrews on Iraq
Blue Jersey gets a chance to ask the
a few questions about Iraq

Abstinence only in Utah
Pregnancy down 3.5%, STDs up >100% says WasatchWatcher

Engaging Younger Voters

Darcy Burner makes some points
about infrequently voting younguns

News media pom poms
Carnacki wonders
why the 'news'papers never report on Congresscritters supporting the
war in opposition to their constituents wishes