Welcome to another week of the 50-state blog roundup. Major thanks to Betsy of BlueNC for all the work she does for this roundup. There is lots going on around the 50 State Blog Network and it's very important to help out the state blogs to grow the progressive people-powered movement. So read you're local blog and help out the  50 State Blog Network and as Thom Hartmann says "Democracy begins with you, activism begins with you. Tag, you're it!" Enjoy the roundup. [Posted by Betsy for Karl.]

New Jersey  

   The Clinton Campaign stumbles big in New Jersey, performing dismally at an early organizational test in the Garden State.

North Carolina  

   The Navy has been trying to shove an "Outlying Landing Field" down the throats of North Carolinians for the past several years. Republicans went along with this dangerous, unpopular idea, but now Congressional Democrats have said that local support is necessary. For more on the OLF.


Rhode Island  

   Republican Gov. Don Carcieri Visits Iraq Amidst RI Budget Problems


   Thanks Robin


   The latest - again - on Michigan's on-again/off-again presidential primary


   Texas Gov. Rick Perry appears to endorse Mike Huckabee at a press conference where he was supposed to be announcing his support for Rudy Guiliani.  


   Reflections on Utah State Senator Ed Mayne from J.M. Bell.


   Jen Kramer of the Young Democrats of Maryland talks about why young people don't get more involved in politics.

South Dakota

   Tim Johnson's first telephone conference call since his life-threatening brain bleed a year ago...


   Virginia 2009 Governor's race kicks off in December 2007


   The economy is bad and health care reform could be dead but in San Francisco, the Calitics Crew is drinking on Tuesday from 7-9 at Schroeder's.


   Left in Alabama reminds the media that they also take advantage of the freebies doled out to elected officials.


   At Uppity Wisconsin they're covering the closing of private, for-profit VA clinics.  Veterans are sent scrambling for health care.


   AZNetroots reports on the campaign team Bob Lord is putting together to help him unseat John Shadegg in Arizona'z 3rd Congressional District.

West Virginia

   West Virginia Blue stays on top of who owns financially supports Shelley Moore Capito.


   Wade Norris at SquareState reports on conflicts of interest and broken laws involving Colorado's Republican Sec. of State.


   Turns out there might be some substantive differences between the candidates after all, in the race for nominee in OR-SEN...


   Washblog covers the story of Vance Bartley and Washington's three strikes law.


   Bleeding Heartland has the 7th installment of How the Iowa caucuses work with links to the previous six diaries.

New Hampshire  

   Civil Unions in New Hampshire: one more step toward quality.


   They're discussing the future of transportation in Connecticut at MyLeftNutmeg.


   Green Mountain Daily reports on the embarrassing actions of their Republican Governor.


   At New Nebraska Network, Kris Pierce, Executive Director of the Douglas County Democratic Party, discusses leadership in his first blog post.

TVA to stop monitoring SO2 at coal plants.



   Delaware Dem reports that the Delaware Republican Party is nearing its end.


   Sven gives us Nevada questions that weren't asked at the debate along with Joe Biden's answers.


   Keystone Politics reports on a bill that will require that robocalls and other forms of political advertising provide identifying information.


   Joe Bodell reportson a Third Congressional District Peace Forum


   In Joe Garcia: Stop the Demagoguery about Cuba, Progressive Florida finds a politician willing to speak up.


   flackattack has a report from a Georgia Senate candidate forum.


   43rd State Blues has some good news in the race to replace Larry Craig.


   Prairie State Blue asks, Should we be fighting the new "Progressive" Machine?


   Blue Indiana wonders. Will former First Lady Judy O'Bannon to endorse Jim Schellinger?


   Matt Gunterman explains why Andrew Horne (D) has the potential to fire up Kentucky Democrats


   Daily Kingfish has a wrap-up of the recent happenings in Louisiana politics


   Turn Maine Blue has reports on The Collins Record - Big Oil before Mainers


   Blue Mass Group has a report from Sen. Obama's rally in Manchester with Oprah Winfrey


   Fired Up Missouri wonders will the Blunt Administration take down Matt Blunt's Christmas Tree?


   Jay Stevens reports on the obvious The Bush economy benefited the top one percent


   Kyle Michaelis asks, would Mike Johanns Join Chuck Hagel In Rejecting Torture?

New York  

   At The Albany Project, Schneiderman Sets It Straight

North Dakota  

   North Decoder has more from Our Friend, Keith


   Blue Oklahoma catches Coburn blocking 'Emmit Till' legislation