This week's roundup is made possible thanks to the major efforts of boadicea.
Residing in one of those "W" states, I'm turning the tyranny of the
alphabet on its head this week. Here's the 50 State Blog Network
Roundup--this week running from Wisconsin to Alabama!

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   Uppity Wisconsin discusses the disquieting implications of the US Attorney scandal on all prosecutions.

West Virginia
   WV Blue has Senator Rockefeller's statement, and a translation from Capitulating Weasel to English.

Washblog is taking on the question of media ownership in a pragmatic
way by encouraging readers to support local community radio station,
KSER. They share some fairly compelling reasons to do so.

WVaBlue :: 50 State Blog Network Roundup - 10/19/2007

   Raising Kaine reports that a Red Storm is definitely not rising in online campaign fundraising.

Seems like almost everyone in the state of Vermont has been mentioned
as a potential gubernatorial candidate. Green Mountain Daily tries to
sort out wheat from chaff.

   Utah's residential treatment programs: Eight dead kids and counting...

Texas Kaos is keeping track of the numbnuttery of Texas legislators
between sessions. They may need to add staff. Texas State Senator Kevin
Eltife is concerned about a condom crisis at U Tyler.
The crisis is that the university clinic is making condoms available to
college students-who would never THINK about having sex without free
condoms. Of course.

Texas bloggers were vocally unhappy (as were a lot of other activists)
when some members of the Democratic Legislative Caucus split to support
powerhappy Speaker Tom Craddick. Primaries are afoot for many of the
Iscariot Caucus, and some of the "Iscariot Caucus" are deciding to call it a day rather than face their constituents.

   Drug resistance staph is on the rise in Tennessee, Knoxviews reports.

South Dakota
   Badlands Blue takes a look at Why Cellulosic Ethanol is the Way to Go.

Rhode Island
   Apparently, nothing is too good for the walls of the Carcieri Administration in Rhode Island. Certainly not a few crushed pearls in the wall treatment.

   In a story whose headline says it all, Keystone Politics reports PA Senate moves to ban bonuses for legislative aides

   Bill Bradbury, current Secy of State and former Senate nominee against Gordon Smith, lays out in this video from the Oregon Democratic Summit '07 why Oregon doesn't need a Red Senator in a Blue State.

   Blue Oklahoma makes sure that John Sullivan's vote against health care for kids is duly noted, even though he overlooked mentioning it in his latest constituent communication. An oversight, we're sure Rep. Sullivan will appreciate having corrected.

   And in a Rules are for OTHER People Doubleheader,
Buckeye State Blog notes that Bob Latta gets smacked around by the
normally very genteel (and non-partisan) folks at Project Vote Smart.

   As Ohio Goes reports the latest episode of Ohio Republicans' long running series "Rules are for OTHER People", This ep takes place in Upper Arlington.

North Dakota
When some right winger tries to tell you Ann Coulter doesn't represent
the Republican Party, ask them why North Dakota Public Service
Commissioner Kevin Cramer calls Acid Annie one of his favorite people". Ah, that's some real heartland values, Kevin.

North Carolina
   Astroturf Rising in NC. Fortunately, Blue NC is on top of the developments.

New York
   Daily Gotham has some exiting news from Rensselaer County. Andrew C. White is running for local office. Let's hear it for Stephentown!

New York
   As Rudy Guliani continues his campaign to be the Fearmonger in Chief, the Albany Project is on the story of Rudy and the Radios asking questions that deserve answers.

New Mexico
   In New Mexico, Democrats are trying hard to draft Tom Udall to run for the open Senate seat.

New Jersey
   The latest installment in Bush's Occupation are noted by Blue Jersey. NJ National Guard Facing Largest Deployment since WW II.

New Hampshire
Blue Hampshire takes a look at what may become an increasingly relevant
question in a lackluster Republican presidential field. Who can beat Huckabee?

   My Silver State reports that the Nevada Caucus date will stay where it is.

   As part of an ongoing discussion on the state of the Nebraska Democratic Party, the New Nebraska Network looks at registration and voting trends over a fair number of years.

   Left in the West is keeping an eye on FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin's latest scheme to clear the way for more Clear Channel megalopolies. Fire up your dialing finger, and let your opinion be known.

Show Me Progress, meanwhile, is keeping an eye on Matt "Baby" Blunt's
financials. Seems that while he denies fundraising in the Governor's
Mansion, his campaign report tells a different story.

Fired Up Missouri takes the St Louis Post Dispatch to task for what
should be an appalling ethical lapse-but is all too common. Letting a right-wing hatchetwoman opine as if she were a disinterested observer shouldn't even be a close call, but apparently no worries for the P-D.

   Cottonmouth Blog follows the creative response of State Lege candidate Jim Payne to the mystery of the disappearing campaign signs. He's incorporated it into his campaign ads. Check out the videos.

   Minnesota Campaign report has a two part (at this time) series with MN-02 candidate Steve Sarvi. Excellent work.

   Could there be another Michigan government shutdown? The budget still isn't done, and the clock is ticking.

Blue Mass Group has reassuring words for any Californians nervous that
the Governator's small steps toward protecting LGBT families threatens
their own marital status. So, Let California Ring!

   A Maryland state lawmaker decries the culture of secrecy surrounding political appointments in Montgomery County.

   Turn Maine Blue has the story of just how incompentent Lance Dutson to run an advertising campaign.
(Hint, he not only can't get it together to do a Google ad, he thinks
nothing of trumpeting the fact.) Once again, reality out satires

   LA-GOV: Jindal Proves He's Got No Heart

   LA-GOV: Jindal campaign accepts hundreds of thousands in ethically and legally questionable contributions

   A Democrat refuses to apply the law equally to Republicans ... only in Louisiana, kids!

   BlueGrassRoots is feeling the Yarmuth! love after the freshman Rep stood up for the Constitution. More and BETTER Democrats.

   So, how stupid is the Indiana Republican Party? Stupid enough to send mail to South Bend from Indianapolis dissing that fair city. That's several bales of stupid, for those of you keeping score at home.

   Prairie State Blue is following the Kabuki theatre surrounding Dennis Hastert's resignation, and what will happen after the Hokey Pokey antics are over, and IL-14 needs a new representative.

G43rd State Blues pulls a thread on the so-called Idaho Hall of Fame
(newest inductee in the Wide Stance Wing, Sen Larry Craig). Leads to a
few questions, including whether it's not more properly a "Hall of Shame".

GWelcome news over at Tondee's Tavern as well. Josh Lanier is forming
an exploratory committee for a run against Saxby Chambliss. Run, Josh, RUN.

   Good news out of South Florida. Fla Politics reports "No More Free Ride for South Florida Republicans". Suh-weet.

   My Left Nutmeg has some local shenanigans to keep an eye on in Danbury. Seems there's a lot of coincidence in Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton's finances. A LOT of coincidence.

At Square State, they've got the skinny on when a civil rights
initiative ain't. When Ward Connerly decides to export some cranky
California crazy to tamp down affirmative action,don't just say no. Say "hell no".

   Calitics is keeping an eye on what passes for healthcare reform in Schwarzenegger's fevered brain. Still stinks. Bet you're as surprised as we are.

   Alabama's 5 Republican Congressman voted against working families to support Bush's veto of S-CHIP reauthorization. Alabama needs fewer Republican Congressmen.