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2013 Election Results Foretells a Day of Reckoning for Walker’s Fringe Agenda

Big shocker:  The vast majority of American voters don’t think that birth control pills are “abortificants” that should be banned, or that gay marriage is in any way comparable to pedophilia and incest. 

To most voters, this type of rhetoric is so crazy that it makes them wonder how crazy a candidate must be to reach such a crazy conclusion.    It is a level of craziness that defines a candidate as much as if he put an ice cream cone on top of his head and started singing, Ain’t We Got Fun.

Although Scott Walker is a Frankenstein’s monster combo of the far-right fringe ideas of Todd Akin, Ken Cuccinnelli, Christine O’Donnell and Rick Santorum, he has successfully hidden from the public his membership in the lunatic fringe and continues to come off to most as the affable “boy next door.”

But make no mistake that Scott Walker has his own goofy O'Donnellesque claims that there is no separation of church and state, has drawn Santorumesque comparisons between gay marriage and pedophilia / incest and, like Todd Akin, doesn't think twice about forcing a woman who has been raped to carry the consequent pregnancy to term.  

As the nation crawls out of a recession, results in Virginia clearly show that, while voters are still primarily focused on job creation, social issues are returning to their minds when they go into the voting booth.  That wasn’t the case in 2010, when Walker was elected,  and during the 2012 recall, Wisconsin Dems didn’t make social issues part of their anti-Walker argument.

Clearly, that is going to change in 2014.  Democrats have signaled that they will take on social issues in upcoming campaigns, including the 2014 Wisconsin governor’s race.  The challenge for Wisconsin’s Democratic nominee will be to combine the jobs message and the social issues message against Walker into one sharp point: Walker has focused on a war against women and implementing his fringe, far-right agenda, at the expense of a focus on job creation.


November 6, 2013 - 11:41am