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$100,000 Into Criminal Defense Fund One Week Before Election Can Mean Only One Thing


It can only mean that Scott Walker is paying the six figure legal bills that his former aides have racked up defending crimes ranging from a 48 year old trying to solicit sex from a minor to stealing thousands of dollars from needy veterans families to stealing millions of dollars from tax payers.

How do we do know that?  Surely, the attorneys representing Walker aren't demanding immediate payment.  Anyone familiar with how large law firms work knows that the firm would recognize that Walker is "good for it" and would allow him to pay after the recall election.  Firms often wait years before they get paid from large clients.

The only reason Walker would establish a criminal defense fund and continue to pour money into it before a recall election is not to pay his own attorneys, but to pay the attorneys for his aides, who have apparently racked up significant legal fees.

Why? Because the only thing worse than being the only governor in America who has a criminal defense fund right before a recall election, is to be the only governor in America to have criminal charges filed against him right before a recall election.

To prevent or stall those charges as long as possible, Walker has to keep his former aides in check and certainly can not have them reaching a plea bargain in exchange for testifying against Walker.  To do that, he is essentially bribing them with hundreds of thousands of dollars that they otherwise would have been required to spend out of their pockets on criminal defense lawyers.

That's also why Walker has kept all these people-- from Cullen Werwie to Kelly Rindfleisch-- on the payroll of his governor's office, or on his campaign, or on the campaign of a close ally. Keeping them close allows Walker to keep them dependent on him, and lets him keep a close eye on them, exert pressure and keep them in line.

As Walker reminds his staff from time to time: They "can not afford another story like this one."


May 30, 2012 - 8:29am