Blacks in Wisconsin Prisons

From Paul Soglin's Waxing America blog


- Governor Jim Doyle is creating a panel to study the high incarceration rate of blacks in Wisconsin prisons. Doyle orders new panel on blacks in state prisons: Far too many of our citizens, particularly African-American males, are serving time in...

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is truly interesting reading. We tend to think of ourselves in Wisconsin as being progressive and - well, perhaps a little less bigoted than the rest of the country. Apparently we're wrong, at least when it comes to the prison system. The chilling stats about young black men in prison in Wisconsin should bring in to question what our commitment in the state to fairness really is. I'm glad to see that Governor Doyle is concerned about this - but perhaps we should have all been concerned quite some time ago.


January 16, 2007 - 11:29am