Biskupic's Lautenschlager-Bach defense

Embattled US Atty. Steven Biskupic is quick to use ex-AG Peg Lautenschlager and her right-hand man, Dan Bach, to defend himself for his pursuit of the outrageous Georgia Thompson case. And the media keep playing along, making it seem like Thompson was somehow proscuted by a biprtisan team.

Two points to ponder: 1. Lautenschlager and Bach, although Democrats, were rabid enemies of Gov. Jim Doyle at the time, because Doyle had encouraged Kathleen Falk to challenge Lautenschlager in the primary. They were after Doyle, even leaking information about the investigation to the media to embarrass him.

2. The Journal Sentinel, deep in its Sunday , reports:

Biskupic has asserted repeatedly that he pursued the prosecution in conjunction with Lautenschlager and Blanchard.

In recent interviews, Blanchard, Lautenschlager and her top deputy, Dan Bach, said they participated in meetings in which the investigation of Thompson was discussed. But the final decision to charge Thompson was made by Biskupic, they said.

Biskupic mentioned the Dems so often in his meeting with the JS editorial board last week that someone challenged him on it, after which he quit talking about them.

Biskupic talks like he's so non-political he barely knows who Karl Rove is. But Dan Bice points out,


April 15, 2007 - 11:36am